Discover the materials and the features of our brands

Latexcel®, historical brand of GOMMAGOMMA, represents the first division of the company. Always distinguishes this name in the world and accompanies the production of sheets for mattresses and high quality pillows made of latex foam.
Latexcel® padding is made of 100% latex foam, ideal for those who want to sleep in a natural and healthy way.
The naturalness is just one of his great qualities: the Latexcel® padding ensures adequate air conditioning and a perfect support of the body, resistant to mold and mites, is hypoallergenic, hygienic, ecological, silent and resistant over time.

Born in 2006 Extrapur® defines the market our production of polyurethane foams. Today our team is capable within a specialized division to make products with high technological content.
Extrapur® is padding that conforms to the body, distributing the weight evenly.
The Extrapur® padding, made of 100% polyurethane foam slow memory, provides optimum support with a low sensitivity to climatic variations, is environmentally friendly, quiet and non-deformable over time.

Thanks to continuous research, GOMMAGOMMA negli recent years developed new products manufactured in WATERGEL®. The revolutionary polyurethane foam of high density gel is made with a unique technology that provides high feeling of freshness and elasticity, is not deformable, fresh and extremely breathable. This last feature is absolutely inimitable by most flexible foams currently used for the production of mattresses.

It also offers a relaxing water effect and an adequate body support.

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